persistentIndexFailure node 7750

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persistentIndexFailure node 7750

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When you upgrade a node 7750, SAM does not detect the node ports and generates the following alarms.


Someone can enlighten me because it happens and how it repairs.

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Re: persistentIndexFailure node 7750

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When the router boots, does it load a config at all?

It sounds like your primary-image pointer. In the bof is set incorrectly, or you did not have persistence turned on during the upgrade. Persistence should always be on in the bof as that creates a security check file (.ndx file on cf3) that it runs against the startup config. If they do not match then you get nothing but a brand new router as if it were never configured before.

The first error message sounds like the primary-config pointer may not be correct anymore, or the sync settings are not correct and your SF/CPM cards are no longer sync'd.
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