IP 54 DECT-Phone

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IP 54 DECT-Phone

Post by RobertBreu »

Hi Guys,

does anyone know a good (and cheap ;-) ) IP 54 DECT-Phone with the following features:

- it must be able to work in a multi-cell-environment (Alcatel-Lucent OXO Release 7 and about 10 4070 IO basestations)
- handover between the basestations during a conversation without an interrupt
- IP 54 without a bag/case or something else
- NOT the Siemens E45 (it is out of phase since yesterday...at least in Germany :( )

thanks a lot


Re: IP 54 DECT-Phone

Post by bouncer_ie »

Hi there try the KIRK 4040 I have a number of these running on Alcatel DECT (Although it is OXO not OXE) and have found them to work very well.


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Re: IP 54 DECT-Phone

Post by tot3nkopf »

Ascom has one. Search on their site.

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