Hunt Group Voicemail Issues

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Hunt Group Voicemail Issues

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Hi, we have an OmniVista 4760 with several hunt groups; one in particular is a parallel one with the need for voicemail. I've put the voicemail number into the hunt group settings and assumed that when the extensions in the group don't answer a DDI call, the call would just go to voicemail; unfortunately this is not the case, the call just ends. I've read several topics about this and have put a virtual extension (forwarded to voicemail) as the overflow number, and this works if no extensions are in the group or all are busy, but doesn't work if they are just not answered. So my question is: is there a way to send a hunt group to voicemail when none of the extensions answer? (the reason for this would be if the office is closed.)

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Re: Hunt Group Voicemail Issues

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Same problem...
Not solved yet?
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Re: Hunt Group Voicemail Issues

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As I understand (according system doc) - if hunt group not empty and user not answer - for external call will be overflow to entity CDT (after trunk overflow timer).
Manage virtual extension with VM overflow in Entity CDT.
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Re: Hunt Group Voicemail Issues

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Not possible for internal Calls right?
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