PCS got freezed several times.

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PCS got freezed several times.

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Hi guys,

I installed CS2 board as PCS on our client sites. They had some issues on their network and PCS becomes an active mode often. Network issue isn't our matter but the PCS got freezed several times after network link between Main CS disconnect.

What happened after PCS freezed is that couldn't ping and telnet to the PCS even if the network link is re-established and no message appeared after I connected console cable to the PCS. It has recovered once I pressed power button of PCS and force reboot.

They have two remote sites and both site has PCS. But PCS got freezed on only a site. Other site's PCS has never be freezed.
Network condition of their sites is almost same (Use DSL and same network equipment Nokia check point and HP POE switch).

As it stands we replaced the CS2 board to new CS2 board of our spare. And, so far PCS has not be freezed. what I've done before the replacement is reloaded the Linux and delivery and correct patch. But it got freezed again after that also.

I guess it must be the hardware issue of this CS2 but I couldn't reproduce same issue in our lab. I tried to reproduce same situation over 10 times :( .

I have heard there is a issue in embedded SLAN card of CS2 of a specific lot. Does anyone have similar issue of CS2 before?

System information:
Product : OmniPCX Enterprise
Release : 9.1 (i1.605)
Path identification : 21
Serial number of CS2 board : ACC01033XXXXXX (CS2 on the other site is ACC01034XXXXXX)

Thanks in advance.

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Re: PCS got freezed several times.

Post by kero »

Did you get any solution?
I have the same trouble. Our customer have Sw 10.0 patch 42

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