Calls to be restricted within the site.

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Calls to be restricted within the site.

Post by infinite » 20 May 2012 10:07

Dear all,
I request a solution for the situation which is an issue for me:
OmniPCX 9.1, Central Appliance Server configured with 10 remote sites with Media Gateway (RM-3).
All elements in the network are interconnected via LAN.
Each site is configured with RM-3, One PRI line, 2 IP console (IP4059) and IP4028 telephones.
I want if anyone from site ‘A’ dials the number 9, it should go to IP console (IP4059) installed in site ‘A’.
From site ‘B’ someone dials 9 call should land to IP console of site ‘B’.
Conclusion: ‘9’ should be a prefix number for Attendant call for each site.

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Re: Calls to be restricted within the site.

Post by patmul39 » 23 May 2012 19:36

You have to manage an Entity for each site; then within the entity you have to manage the Attendant Group. When user A dials 9, Attendant call, the call routes to the attendant group managed in the user's entity.
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