GD3 ethernet redundancy

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GD3 ethernet redundancy

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What is the procedure to connect LAN1 et LAN2 ethernet ports? No parameter?

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Re: GD3 ethernet redundancy

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no parameter. both are configured by default. ->

Documentation (8AL91027USAF Ed.01):

Ethernet redundancy connection
As of R11.1, the two ethernet interfaces of a GD-3, GA-3 and INT-IP3 boards (also called NGP boards) can be connected simultaneously for Ethernet redundancy purposes. One interface is active, the other one is standby. When the active interface fails, the standby interface switches to active. These two interfaces share the same MAC address and the same IP address.
The Linux kernel include a bonding driver which provides a method for aggregating multiple network interfaces into a single logical "bonded" interface.
Bonded interfaces provide only hot standby service (active-backup policy).
Only one network interface (a slave) in the bond is active. The other network interface becomes active when the active slave fails. The bond's MAC address is externally visible on only one network adapter to avoid confusing the switch.
The network interface eth0 is used as the default active slave if both network interfaces are connected to a LAN. When a failover occurs in active backup mode, bonding will issue one or more gratuitous ARP requests on the newly active slave.
One gratuitous ARP request is issued for the bonding master interface and each VLAN interfaces configured above it, provided that the interface has at least one IP address configured.
Gratuitous ARP requests issued for VLAN interfaces are tagged with the appropriate VLAN id. Ethernet redundancy is applicable under Linux kernel driver control but not applicable at bootstrap time.

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