unable to connect to GD3

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unable to connect to GD3

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Hello Everyone,
we has buy a new OmniPCX, one GD3 and one cs-2,
i am trying to connect to gateway through console but, cannot, i am using normal console blue cable,
i am not getting any signals from GD, i used virtual windows 7 and windows xp.
also there is adapter ( converter usb to console) is that the problem.
because these days there is no console port in pcs and laptops.

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Re: unable to connect to GD3

Post by vad »

1 - normal console blue cable - from Cisco switch? If YES - you need to use another cable ( RG45 connector rotated 180 degrees).
2 - another question - usb-to-console adapter works? If adapter with DB9 connector - start terminal program (9600-8-N-1, without transmission control), connect pin 2 and 3 (DB9), type something on keyboard - do you see something?

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