command "at" to pass mgr actions

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command "at" to pass mgr actions

Post by mothinx » 20 Jun 2018 08:19

Hi everyone.

I would like to change a Direct Abbreviated Number on specific dates during the summer.

My choice was to make some mgr -log as the example below and to pass it via the command "at".
SET Direct_Abbreviated_Number "1": "1": "1": "6699"
Call_Number = "00612345678"
Then for example:
(1)xa00001> at 14:00
at> mgr -nodico -XX /DHS3bin/mtcl/myfile
But when i tried to list all at's sheduled tasks with atq:
(1)xa00001> atq
Nothing is listed !
Is there an alcatel specific strange way to shedules at's commands as crontab and the command cfgCron ?

Thanks a lot for you help.

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Tha Tawa'S
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Re: command "at" to pass mgr actions

Post by Tha Tawa'S » 06 Nov 2018 08:15

Did you try with crontab instead of at ?


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