RADIUS on OAW-AP105s and OAW-AP135

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RADIUS on OAW-AP105s and OAW-AP135

Post by jr_greene » 06 Nov 2017 13:16

We've had a RADIUS failure on our WAN which is comprised of AP105s and AP135s. This originally "worked" (with the odd exception of the ground floor of the facility, where the initial AP and controller is), but now all connections fail. All passwords are rejected, and devices can't get IP addresses.
One of our domain controllers is the DHCP and RADIUS server. I am using it successfully in another facility with a non-alcatel system.

I get one of two messages on the controller when attempting to connect:

The AP cannot receive data from this client because the integrity check of the received message (MIC) has failed. Recommend checking the encryption setting on the client and on the AP.


This client did not receive a response to its DHCP request in time. Recommend checking the status of the DHCP server in the network.

All networks are routed properly, and other authentication methods are working. I would appreciate any recommendations or help.

Thank you.

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