Does 7000 support vlan mobile tag or Ip Phone

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Does 7000 support vlan mobile tag or Ip Phone

Post by mr05350 » 19 Jan 2010 01:45


I am wondering does any released version for omnisiwtch 7000 support vlan mobile tag? because i was told that for purpose of implemation IP phone you need to turn on the vlan mobile tag features on the swich.

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Post by benny » 19 Jan 2010 16:12

The OS7000 doesn't support the feature vlan mobile-tag. You don't necessarily need to tag traffic on a port to do voice. In case you are not using dot1x or other authentication methods on the port you can still have a dot1q tag for voice and no tag for data traffic (e.g. for the PC connected behind the phone).

Please elaborate on the scenario and I'll able to help better than that.


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