4048 SWB

Are you having any trouble while you are configuring a 4400 on site ? Share it with us, maybe someone will have the solution !
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4048 SWB

Post by Nairn » 31 Mar 2009 11:50

Having a problem with a customers 4048 switch board console , it locks up quite frequently and has to be rebooted to clear it again . I was looking to find an alternative handset to be used instead of the 4048 any ideas ?

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Re: 4048 SWB

Post by johank_DUP » 12 May 2009 23:50

Make sure that that the console is programmed on a even port (Eg. 0, 2, 4...). The problem could also be with the console itself, they are getting pretty old.

The choice for new consoles are 4059 or 4049.

The 4059 consoles work on a Windows XP PC, which means that it can get a virus or any other PC related problems may occur.

The 4049 is just the Alcatel Multimedia Keyboard and a Normal Screen. Much less problems in the long run and cheaper.

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