4760i crashing

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4760i crashing

Post by morio » 29 Jun 2016 03:34

hi guys,
when i start installing oxe system i like to use the 4760i for configuration. its easy to create mass users and stuff. every thing works fine when i enable it in the system parameter and enable the security in netadmin via root account. but the problem is when i try to export or import date the 4760i just shuts down,,, the window closes.
i have tried with un installing and redoing it again but still the same issue. cleaning my pc and reinstalling also faces with the same issue. so any ideas how we can sort this out. i know this ia a old subject , but i didnt get a proper remady for this issue. and please dont ask me to use 4760 or 8770 cus i will use it when i have the license.
so ,,, any clue what we can do to prevent the shut down of 4760i?????????

thanks in advance :)

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Re: 4760i crashing

Post by tgn » 29 Jun 2016 04:59

i have used 4760i last time without any issues and usage export and import.
how do you use it? installed or as a plugin in browser? which operating system is in use?


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--- back to basics... focus your eyes to the essential things... ---

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Re: 4760i crashing

Post by vad » 29 Jun 2016 05:22

If I have problem - at first I try next:
- remove release database description (usually in OS user - file like k1.520_en_US - if you work with K1.520 and language US)
- start 4760i and connect to PABX (wait until you will have info about full PBX model available).

Some times it can help.

In additional - if you reinstall 4760i - use Java from 4760i.

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